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Command 4 Port Ring Decipher
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Command Communications ASAPDR401 Command 4 Port Ring Decipher
Command 4 Port Ring Decipher - Distinctive ring call manager - 4 Port- Used in conjunction with distinctive ring service provided by the telephone company- Compatible with Telcos (distinctive ring, caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail)- Installs at the DEMARC or connect directly to a telephone extension outlet and connect devices- Incoming calls are automatically routed to the desired location (fax, telephone, modem, etc.)- In a small office, the unit can be used to differentiate calls for specific users, or to send calls to desired locations- On-line extension protection provides privacy for extension phones- Compatible with virtually all telephone products- Works in any home or non-digital office- Compatible with answering machine toll saver features- Active port indicated by LED- Linear switching- 3 Year limited manufacturer's warranty- Convenient port assignment directory- Telephone line surge protection- Black- Includes 7' modular telephone line cord and power supply- Command Communications customer service line 1-888-843-4399


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