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Command Fax Switch 3 Port
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Command Communications CS5500 Command Fax Switch 3 Port
Command Fax Switch 3 Port - Fax switch- 3 Port device (2 ports are linked)- For use with devices such as telephones, answering machines, fax machines, modems, etc.- Automatic or semi-automatic modes- Distinctive ring detection- Caller ID and voicemail compatible- ADSL compatible (two 8K in-line microfilter phone filters are required, available from most consumer electronics stores)- Stays on the line during every call, listening for tone commands you send from the keypad of a telephone (you can talk for a few minutes, push three keys, and transfer the call to your fax machine to receive a document, all on the same call)- Remote message notification (everytime a voice message, fax, or data tranmission is received, the unit will automatically send a special tone to any desired local or long-distance phone number)- White


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